Peak 8825 (Lost Cliff Peak)

Elevation: 8,825 ft
Prominence: 525

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This peak is not in the book. Published August 2022

This peak is located northwest of Ketchum, Idaho in an area populated by numerous sub-10,000 foot peaks. Although this area is probably most often used by ATVers and hunters it contains a number of worthwhile summits. Given its position Lost Cliff Peak is exceptional viewpoint for observing the surrounding mountains. The suggest name relates to our rescuing of a 15 year old kid named Cliff who we found wandering on the peak. He had a dead cell phone, no water and only a vague idea of where he was going. USGS Griffin Butte

Peak 8825


Primary access is from ID-75 and the Baker Creek Road, FSR-162  [(A)(4) page 213]. Turn onto the Baker Creek Road and follow it south for just over 3.0 miles. Just pass the East Fork CG turn onto FSR-168, East Fork Baker Creek Road. Follow FSR-168 to the west side of Peak 8825 which depending on where you park is around 9.3 miles from ID-75.

West Slopes, Class 2

The peak’s western slopes are a mixture of forest and sagebrush terrain. Almost any line from the road will take you to the top where you will find the remnants of a survey and outstanding views. There are two nearly equal distant high points. The one with the survey detritus appears to be a few feet higher.

The Boulder Mountains viewed from Lost Cliff Peak.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Smoky Mountains

Year Climbed: 2022

Longitude: -114.49949   Latitude: 43.74859

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