Peak 8940 (Cubby Peak/Hidden Bear) by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 8,940 ft
Prominence: 520

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This peak is not in the book. The name “Cubby Peak” was suggested by Rick Baugher. Livingston Douglas suggests the name “Hidden Bear.” Published December 2019

Peak 8940 is the high point of a ridge that separates Sawmill Canyon from Bear Canyon. The summit had no signs of previous ascent. The easiest ascent route is via FST-4080 (a MC trail) and the west ridge. Peak 8940 is a forested, ridgeline summit. USGS Moffett Springs

Northeast Ridge, Class 2


Sawmill Canyon Road/FSR-101 is located 36.6 miles north of Howe on the Little Lost River Highway. Turn right/east onto [signed] Sawmill Canyon Road at a fork in the highway. At 6.7 miles, reach the Challis National Forest boundary. At 10.5 miles, reach a junction with [signed] Bull Creek Road/FSR-103. Turn left/west and drive 0.2 miles on Bull Creek Road to a parking area. The elevation here is 6,980 feet.

The Climb

From the parking area, follow a cattle trail south to a creekside meadow on the north side of Bull Creek. Jump the small creek and bushwhack south up onto the [obvious] forested northeast ridge. Follow the ridge southwest then south to the ridgeline summit of Peak 8940. There is an elk trail along the ridge early on (it’s as well-beaten as a highway) and on-and-off elk trails near the ridge until you get high up. Climb up over Point 7645 early in the ascent and drop 90 vertical feet to a minor saddle.

Continue up the ridge, which wiggles a bit and is forested the entire way to the summit. The pine forest has typical blowdown, but it worsens as you get higher up (unusual). Pine duff and gravel base most of the way, though higher up, the base changes to a combination of pine duff and scree with rocky outcrops popping up on the ridge crest. Stay near the ridge crest for the easiest going. The summit of Peak 8940 is a ridgeline with protruding fins and boulders. The summit area is semi-open with pine trees nearby. There were no signs of previous ascent so I built a summit cairn atop the highest fin/boulder.

West Ridge, Class 2+


Same as for the northeast ridge

The Descent

From the summit, descend due west on an easy-to-find ridge in the forest. The forest gives way to an open scrub area. The ridge steepens as it descends to a saddle at 8,420 feet. The ridge terrain for the final 200 vertical feet of descent is a rough combination of steep forest, rocky outcrops, and loose scree. Stay left/south in the forest to avoid the worst of the rocky outcrops and to avoid Class 3 down-climbing. Reach an open grass/scrub saddle. You won’t see a trail but there should be one there. The grass has taken over and eliminated it. However, walk north toward the prominent gully that heads down to Bull Creek. There you will find an obvious MC trail (FST-4080).

FST-4080 is a steep, poorly-maintained trail with lots of blowdown and mud to contend with. But it probably beats bushwhacking in this dense forest. The trail crosses a few wet marshes, too. Follow the trail for about 1-1/4 miles down to Bull Creek, where there is a trail junction on the north side of the creek. FST-4080 dead-ends here into FST-4076/Bull Creek Trail. Go right/east on FST-4076 (an ATV road/trail) and follow it downstream to FSR-103 and the parking area.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Lemhi Range

Longitude: -113.40759   Latitude: 44.34601

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