Peak 9162 (Corral Hollow Peak) by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 9,162 ft
Prominence: 382

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This peak is not in the book. Published October 2018

Peak 9162 sits at the head of Corral Hollow. The Corral Hollow ATV Trail/FST-106 ascends Corral Hollow from Franklin Basin Road. USGS Egan Basin

West Face via Corral Hollow (Standard Route), Class 2


From the Utah side, leave US-89 at its junction with Franklin Basin Road/FSR-006. This signed junction is located 2.8 miles west of CR-243/Beaver Mountain Ski Area Road and 5.8 miles west of Swan Flat Road/FSR-014 on US-89 heading south. Unlike the access from the Idaho side (see Page 367 of the book), this access does not require 4WD and can be driven by passenger vehicles. At 5.7 miles, the Forest Service road crosses into Idaho and becomes FSR-406. At 7.4 miles, reach a signed junction with FSR-1212/Corral Hollow Road to the right. This is Corral Hollow. Park here or drive a short distance up the road into the trees, where the road becomes Corral Hollow Trail, an ATV trail (FST-106). This trail ascends to the head of Corral Hollow, where it intersects the Highline ATV Trail (FST-316).

Corral Hollow Trail/FST-106 is only marked with a simple Forest Service sign in the ground. There is a nice dispersed campsite 0.8 miles north of the FSR-1212/Corral Hollow Road turnoff on Franklin Basin Road. It is located on the right/east side of the road up in the trees. Thankfully, all of the aforementioned roads and trails are shown on both the National Forest map and the Trails Illustrated Logan/Bear River Range map. Unfortunately, the USGS topo map does NOT show the Corral Hollow Road, the Corral Hollow Trail, or the Highline Trail. It is only useful for contour lines and general topography, which IS very helpful when bushwhacking.

If you wish to climb this peak from the Idaho side, drive to the north end of Gibson Basin to find the Highline ATV Trail/FST-316. Hike (or ride an ATV/MC) south then west up FST-316 over the south ridge of Peak 9162 and continue on the trail until it reaches a junction with the Corral Hollow ATV Trail/FST-104 at the head of Corral Hollow. Leave the trail here and follow the route described from that point in the route section of this commentary.

The Climb

This hike is mostly on trail (Class 1), but has a short section of bushwhacking up the west face of Peak 9162 to reach the summit (Class 2). From the Corral Hollow Trailhead, follow the ATV Trail/FST-104 all the way up to the head of Corral Hollow, where the trail dead-ends at a junction with the Highline ATV Trail/FST-316. Leave the trail here and bushwhack east-northeast about 0.3 miles up through thick forest to reach the clogged, forested ridgeline summit that is the high point of Peak 9162. There were no signs of previous ascent on the narrow summit ridge.

South Ridge, Class 3


Same as for the west face

The Climb

This climb is part of a ridge traverse from Peak 9237 to the south. The route begins at the low point between Peak 9162 and Peak 9237–a wide, long, flat saddle at 8,780 feet. This saddle is a rather unpleasant mix of boulders and veg. It is tedious to cross. The low point of the saddle is just south of a ridge hump at 8,800 feet (shown on USGS map). From this low point, scramble through the boulders and veg, either skirting the right/east side of, or scrambling up over, the 8,800-foot ridge hump to reach the ridge crossing of the Highline ATV Trail/FST-316. Unfortunately, this trail does not follow the south ridge. It drops well off the west side of the ridge crest and reaches a junction with the Corral Hollow ATV Trail/FST-104 at the head of Corral Hollow.

Cross the ATV trail and continue northward along the ridge crest or just to the right/east of it to avoid a thick forest/boulder mix on the left/west side of the ridge. The terrain is mostly an open mix of veg and boulders, but it is a tedious scramble and will require use of your hands at some points. Speaking of points, you must climb over two more ridge points before reaching the final ridge saddle (at 8,900 feet) underneath the narrowing summit ridge. Bash your way north up the ridge crest (or just to the right/east of it) in a wickedly thick mix of trees and boulders. You will know this is the summit high point for three reasons. First, there is a distinct area of open terrain on the right/east side of the ridge just above the final saddle. Secondly, the ridge narrows noticeably. Thirdly, the ridge bends left/northwest from the summit high point and experiences a noticeable drop to the next saddle.

The summit high point is a boulder on the ridge crest amongst the thick line of trees. There were no signs of previous ascent. This summit is a rather unimpressive bump on the ridge with minimal views and no view to the west (which was my planned descent route).

West Face, Class 2+


Same as for the north ridge of Peak 9237

The Descent

From the summit of Peak 9162, descend southwest (briefly) then west through thick, blowdown strewn forest with lots of veg mixed in. This is a strange face because you must initially CONTOUR westward since the actual west FACE lies just over 0.3 miles away. Just keep going in a westerly direction. Do NOT mistakenly descend southward (an easy mistake to make) or you will end up descending down Corral Hollow, a completely different route from the west face. I guarantee you that your urges will draw toward Corral Hollow, but DON’T DO IT. Follow your instruments here (i.e., your compass).

You must clamber over lots of deadfall and bash through thick brush to eventually reach the top of the west face of this peak. You will cross the Highline ATV Trail/FST-316 en route to the head of the true west face (it is not even close to the ridge crest). Once the contouring turns you right/north, you have reached the head of the true west face. From there, descend due west down to Franklin Basin Road. I saw elk, a moose, and a cow in this forested descent. The forest is thick in some spots but open in others. Overall, the descent is not too awful and it’s not overly steep. You will still be happy to reach the valley floor and Franklin Basin Road. Follow Franklin Basin Road south to either the roadside campsite or farther south to Corral Hollow Road and the Corral Hollow trailhead.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Bear River Range

First Ascent Information:

  • Other First Ascent: South Ridge Route
  • Year: 2018
  • Season: Summer
  • Party: Livingston Douglas
  • Other First Ascent: West Face Route —DESCENT
  • Year: 2018
  • Season: Summer
  • Party: Livingston Douglas

Longitude: -111.58239   Latitude: 42.05059

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