Peak 9727 (Timber Creek Ridge) by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 9,727 ft
Prominence: 445

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This peak is not in the book. Published December 2019

Peak 9727 sits at the head of Timber Creek and just above Timber Creek Pass. It is the high point on a forested ridge that follows the east side of Timber Creek. The easiest ascent route is from FST-4076 at Timber Creek Pass and the west ridge. USGS Iron Creek Point

Southeast Ridge, Class 2


Sawmill Canyon Road/FSR-101 is located 36.6 miles north of Howe on the Little Lost River Highway. Turn right/east onto [signed] Sawmill Canyon Road at a fork in the highway. At 6.7 miles, reach the Challis National Forest boundary. At 13.2 miles, turn left/west onto FSR-105 (near the Timber Creek Campground). Reset your odometer here. At 1.0 mile, go straight/north to remain on FSR-105. At 2.1 miles, reach a [signed] road junction and, just beyond it, a forested camping/parking area. There are two ATV trails that begin here: FST-4076/Timber Creek Ridge Trail and FST-4137/Timber Creek Trail.

The Climb

From the trail/road junction (7,725 feet), hike north up FST-4076, an old jeep road that is now an ATV trail. It soon turns right/east and switchbacks up onto the ridge that parallels the Timber Creek drainage. The road/trail then turns left/north and follows the ridge northward all the way to Timber Creek Pass. Don’t go all the way to Timber Creek Pass. After about three miles of hiking, leave the road at a forested saddle at 8,940 feet. This saddle is just after you pass some old mining roads and FST-4076 bends left-ish/northwest.

At the saddle, there is an obvious ridge heading north. Leave FST-4076 here and bushwhack north up the ridge through a typical pine forest with some blowdown to navigate through. The ridge is rounded initially but soon narrows and becomes better defined. Reach a forested hump at 9,560 feet. The ridge turns left/northwest here and drops 45 vertical feet to a narrow saddle. Continue northwest along the ridge crest to reach the summit of Peak 9727. The summit area is in open forest. The high point has a modest cairn.

West Ridge, Class 2


Same as for the southeast ridge. This is the first leg of a ridge traverse from Peak 9727 to Peak 9620.

The Descent

From the summit, descend west through dense forest on an ill-defined, rounded ridge to find Timber Creek Pass. This is a short, but very unpleasant, bushwhack through dense pine forest with copious amounts of downed timber. Visibility is nil so you must maintain a trajectory due west. You will soon pop out of the forest and onto Timber Creek Pass. This is the terminus of the west ridge.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Lemhi Range

Longitude: -113.44059   Latitude: 44.45679

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