Plummer Peak

Elevation: 9,978 ft
Prominence: 1,083

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Plummer Peak from Mount Everly.

Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 203 of the book.

This remote Sawtooth summit is located far west of the main Sawtooth Crest in a beautiful section of the Sawtooth Wilderness. The peak does not see many ascents each year due to its location. Those fortunate enough to make the trip will find a classic scramble leading to the summit. USGS Mount Everly

Plummer Peak from Mount Everly.

Plummer Peak as viewed from Mount Everly.

Gary Quigly negotiating Plummer's summit ridge.

Gary Quigly negotiating Plummer Peak’s summit ridge.

Mountain Range: Sawtooth Range

Year Climbed: 1990

Longitude: -115.07645   Latitude: 43.945943


Plummer Peak from Mount Everly.

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