Railroad Ridge by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 10,425 ft
Prominence: 125

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This peak is not in the book. Published February 2024

This peak is the high point on lengthy Railroad Ridge in the White Cloud Peaks. It towers over Crater Lake (8,919 feet) to its west but sits below Railroad Peak (10,848 feet) to its south-southwest. An old jeep track gets you close to the top. USGS Livingston Creek


Big Boulder Creek Road/FSR-667 and the large parking area for the East Side Trail/FST-047 and the Big Boulder Creek Trail/FST-680 (see (B)(2)(a) and (B)(2)(a.1) on Page 230 of the book). From the parking area, either hike (or drive) west on FSR-667 for 0.2 miles to a signed road junction (no parking available at this junction). Hike (or drive) right (north then west) on Jim Creek Road/FSR-669. Jim Creek Road is a rocky, narrow jeep road that requires a 4WD vehicle with good tires.

This is the first leg of a 2-peak adventure that includes Railroad Ridge (10,425 feet) and Railroad Peak (10,848 feet). It covers 12.0 miles with 3,825 feet of elevation gain round trip. The mileage and elevation gain can be significantly reduced if you are able to drive up Jim Creek Road.

East Ridge, Class 2

The Climb

This climb is mostly Class 1. From the trailhead parking area, hike west up Big Boulder Creek Road for 0.2 miles to a signed road junction. Head right/north onto Jim Creek Road/FSR-669. This road soon bends hard left/west and follows the north side of Jim Creek. After hiking up Jim Creek Road for about 3.5 miles, reach a 3-way road junction (9,278 feet on map). To the left/south is a gated road that is private and leads to the Livingston Mine area. Straight ahead is a gated road (publicly accessible but not shown on maps) that continues up the Jim Creek drainage and is part of my descent route.

To the right/north is Railroad Ridge Road. Head right onto this road and follow it north to a “T” junction with a ridge road that is about 350 vertical feet above the previous road junction. Go left/west here onto the ridge road. Follow this jeep track west up to about 10,300 feet. Leave the road here as it bends right/north toward Railroad Benchmark (10,332 feet). Pick up a weaker 2-track ridge road (not shown on maps) heading left/southwest toward the Railroad Ridge HP. Leave the old 2-track and scramble a short distance right/west to stand on the summit. The HP is the southern of two humps of similar height. The summit lacks a cairn but has two rather crude rock shelters. The summit scramble is on broken rock, tundra, and ground-level talus.

South Ridge, Class 2

The Descent

From the summit, return to the 2-track road and follow it south to the 10,300-foot connecting saddle with Railroad Peak (10,848 feet). This concludes the first leg of today’s 2-peak adventure. Railroad Peak is up next.

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Mountain Range: White Cloud Mountains

Longitude: -114.5951   Latitude: 44.1386

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