Schmid Ridge

The Schmid Ridge subrange of the Peale Mountains is referenced on Page 367 of the book as the Schmid Range. The Schmid Range name has disappeared from use. This subrange is located east of Soda Springs, Idaho. It is the second ridgeline west of Soda Springs. The range consists of long narrow ridge line in the north which morphs into broader, less-defined group of peaks on its south end. The ridge is bounded by the Blackfoot River in the north. Slug Creek and the Aspen and Pruess Ranges are on its west side. Dry Valley and Dry Ridge are found on its east side. The south end of the ridge merges into Dry Ridge.

The highest point in the northern section of the ridge is Peak 7568. Schmid Ridge is the highest point of this group of peaks at 7,916 feet. There are 10 ranked peaks on the ridge. Rick Baugher has climbed all of them. The northern section of the range is mostly on private property. The south end is part of the Caribou National Forest. Some of the private property is open to the public under the Idaho Fish and Game Department’s “Access Yes” program.

Rick Baugher describes Schmid Ridge as follows:

“From the ‘wrist’ of the Peale Mountains at the head of Georgetown Canyon, Schmid Ridge is one of the middle fingers that reach north. Neighboring ‘fingers’ are the Aspen Range to the west and Dry Ridge to the east. There are ten ranked peaks along the 15-mile length of Schmid Ridge. All of them are best accessed from the Slug Creek Road, which follows the west base of Schmid Ridge for its entirety from the Blackfoot River to the crest of Left-Hand Fork Georgetown Canyon. Slug Creek is a scenic mountain valley used for livestock grazing. The well-graded Slug Creek Road is usually plowed and open to vehicles by May 1.

The Schmid Ridge Highpoint (Schmidhorn) rises to an elevation of 7,916 feet with 576 feet of prominence. Seven of the ten ranked peaks are on public land. Hikers should expect varying degrees of brush-whacking on all of them. Schmid Ridge is identified on the 1915 USGS topo maps. It is named for the Schmid Ranch along Slug Creek. Early government surveyors on occasion would name a geographic feature for a local landowner who provided them with help and information.”

As Rick points out above, primary access is via Slug Creek Road. Google Maps gives directions from Soda Springs, Idaho. The shortest route leaves ID-34 2.8 miles north of Soda Springs. Turn east onto Trail Canyon Road. Follow this road and Mill Fork Road and South Trail Road generally east for 15.4 miles to Slug Creek Road. Slug Creek Road is graded and runs along Schmid Ridge’s western base. Slug Creek Road can also be reached from the north via Blackfoot River Road.

FSR-387 and FSR-100 both cross the ridge. FSR-387 goes through Dry Basin and north of Dairy Benchmark. FSR-100 crosses the range south of the range high point, Schmid Ridge/Schmidhorn.

Mountain Range: Peale Mountains

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