Shellrock Peak

Elevation: 9,435 ft
Prominence: 695

Climbing and access information for this peak is found on page 122. Published June 2019

Shellrock Peak is a former lookout site on the Johnson Creek/Middle Fork Divide. This is a remote location which will take several hard hiking days to reach. USGS Shellrock Peak

Bing Young provided the following summary of the peak’s history as a lookout:

Shellrock sits atop Brush Creek on the west side of the Middle Fork above the Flying B Ranch. Although there is a trail from the mouth of Brush Creek, access is better from the Payette Forest. The  peak sits on the boundary of the two Forests. Shellrock has usually been manned by the Payette Forest because the most  important country seen from it was in that Forest, but it was also  important to the Salmon Forest for the country on the Middle Fork side of the lookout.

The lookout replaced Two Point Peak in the early 1930’s because of its superior visibility into the Payette Forest. The Shellrock Lookout building, though abandoned for many years, is still standing. [1982] It is one of the higher lookouts at 9435 feet and is the one farthest west of the Forest. —Salmon National Forest Fire Lookouts by Bing Young 1982, page 36

Mountain Range: Central Salmon River Mountains

Longitude: -114.93649   Latitude: 44.95649

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