The Smoky Mountains are located on the west side of the Wood River Valley, the home of Ketchum and Sun Valley. The range extends south from the Sawtooth Range 40 miles to the flats of the Camas Prairie. The range’s 10,000-foot peaks are all located north of Ketchum and all but one, Big Peak, is located on the main crest. Bald Mountain, the home of the main Sun Valley Ski Resort ski runs, is the range’s most famous peak. Saviers Peak is the highest peak at 10,441 feet.

While the southern half of the range is lower, it contains a lot of interesting country and many worthwhile summits to explore. The Big Wood River and ID-75 form the eastern boundary of the range, while the South Fork Boise River and the Soldier Mountains flank the range on its west side. The range is discussed on Pages 210-214 of the book and you will find a lot of additional information on those pages. There are over 20 Smoky Mountains updates included on this site with more to come.

The main Smoky Mountains crest from Galena Summit on tjr right to Saviers Peak on the left.

The main Smoky Mountains Crest from Galena Summit (right) to Saviers Peak (left).

Saviers Peak from Titus Peak.

Saviers Peak as viewed from Titus Peak.

Norton Peak. John Platt Photo.

Norton Peak. John Platt Photo

The final stretch to the summit.

Marshall Peak sits west of the main Smoky Mountains Crest. This is the final stretch to the summit.

Mountain Range: Smoky Mountains

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