Snowslide Point by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 7,782 ft
Prominence: 42

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This named ridge point is not in the book. Published December 2019

Snowslide Point lies at the north end of a long ridge that Rick Baugher calls Snowslide Ridge. Ironically, the unranked point is officially named, but the high point (Peak 7882) is not. Since Snowslide Point is named AND is separated by almost a mile from Peak 7882, I include it as a separate objective. Most climbers would focus solely on Peak 7882 so this point probably doesn’t see too many visitors. USGS Meade Peak

South Ridge, Class 2


Same as for the west gully/west shoulder of Peak 7882

The Climb

From the summit of Peak 7882, follow the ridge crest north for about 0.8 mile through easy scrub and ground scree/gravel to reach a minor saddle. Scramble uphill about 40 vertical feet to reach the ill-defined summit of Snowslide Point. This point has a smattering of mountain mahogany, talus/boulders, and scrub.

North Shoulder/North Face, Class 2


Same as for the west gully/west shoulder of Peak 7882

The Descent

From the summit of Snowslide Point, continue north on the ridge for a short distance to a final, bald scrub area that sits at the top of the steep northern aspects of this mountain. Move to the right/east side of the summit plateau to begin a descent of a reasonably-defined shoulder that heads northeast then north down the steep north face of Snowslide Ridge. The shoulder initially is forested on its left/west side and open scrub on its right/east side. Follow the shoulder’s crest down toward Snowslide Canyon and FSR-111/Crow Creek Road. The view here is rather frightening because the face is so steep. The shoulder bends left/north and then just disappears, turning into a steep face descent through a pine forest.

The pine forest is rather thick with a fair amount of blowdown but it goes quickly. As you near Snowslide Canyon and its rushing creek, you emerge from the forest into an open sagebrush strip that borders the willow-clogged wet drainage at the base of Snowslide Canyon. FSR-111/Crow Creek Road is on the far side of this mess. Follow a cattle trail left/west on the near side of the willows until you find a relatively easy, willow-free crossing of the creek. Jump the creek and do some minimal willow-bashing to reach the [blessed] road. Hike west then south down FSR-111/Crow Creek Road to return to the north end of Montpelier Reservoir and your parking spot.

Mountain Range: Peale Mountains

Longitude: -111.160583   Latitude: 42.386717

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