Soda Spring Hills by Matt Durrant

The Soda Hills are a small range located immediately northwest of Soda Springs which includes both the Long Ridge, and the Ninety Percent Range. This compact range is less than 7 miles long from north to south and less than 10 miles wide from east to west. It is separated from the Chesterfield range in the north by Tenmile pass and from the Bear River Range to the south by Highway 30 and the Bear River.

This is a low elevation, dry range with bare south and west facing slopes. As is common in this area the east and north facing slopes are covered with conifer forests. The majority of peaks in the Soda Hills are in the 6,000 ft. range with one point – the range’s unnamed high point reaching to 7,024 ft. This peak is located on the main ridge of the range about 1.5 miles south of Tenmile Pass.

The Soda Hills are a patch work of BLM, Private, and State lands. Much of the public lands are concentrated in the west and south end of the range. Hence, this is where the most easily accessible portions are. The eastern side of the range is mostly private so access is very limited. The main roads for accessing this are in Ninety Percent Canyon, Swenson Canyon, and Idaho Ranch Canyon. There is also limited access from Tenmile Pass Road on the north and Government Dam Road on the east.

See the BLM travel plan for additional information.

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