South Glassford

Elevation: 11,160 ft
Prominence: 320

This peak is not in the book. Judi Steciak and Carl Hamke provided the following route information. See their article on the missing Eleveners in the climbing history section of this site.

(Class 3)

South Glassford is located 0.6 miles SSW of Glassford Peak. The route description is on p. 236 in the description for Glassford Peak. “…from the North Fork Big Wood River (A)(9)(a). Follow the trail up the drainage until it ends at around 8,000 feet. From this point, gain 3,000 feet by climbing north to the high point just south of Glassford Peak.” This high point is South Glassford.

Glassford Peak from the summit of Glassford Peak.

Glassford Peak from the summit of Glassford Peak.

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Boulder Mountains

Longitude: -114.4853   Latitude: 43.9045


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