Split Rock by Brett Sergenian

Elevation: 5,695 ft
Prominence: 165

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Split Rock. Brett Sergenian Photo

This peak is not in the book.

Split Rock only has 165 feet of prominence but it has an impressive West Face that can be seen from US-95 near Jordan Valley, OR. There is a rock tower that is separated from the rest of the West Face that gave Split Rock its name. To reach the trailhead, drive to Jordan Valley and turn east on Yturri Boulevard. Follow Yturri Blvd east for a few miles before turning east on Trout Creek Road. Drive for a mile and park at the parking lot on the north side of the road.

The road that runs just east of the summit originates at Trout Creek Road but is blocked by private property. Hike northwest until you reach another road that heads east. This road will take you well north of the private property boundary that is to the east. Take this road east until the road veers south. Leave the road and follow the Southwest Ridge to the summit. The views of the Silver City Range and South Mountain are excellent. USGS Stonehouse Creek

Split Rock. Brett Sergenian Photo

Split Rock. Brett Sergenian Photo

The Split Rock BM. Brett Sergenian Photo

The USGS benchmark atop Split Rock. Brett Sergenian Photo

Mountain Range: Owyhee Mountains

Longitude: -116.9653   Latitude: 42.9861

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