Swanson Peak

Elevation: 10,808 ft
Prominence: 338

Route information for this peak is found on page 310.

Swanson Peak is located just northwest of the Pass Creek-Uncle Ike Pass in the southern Lemhi Range. Use the link below to read Larry Prescott’s 2016 trip report for additional details.

South Ridge, (Class 2)

Larry climbed the peak with his son, Ben starting at Uncle Ike Creek. From the mouth of Uncle Ike Creek it is 2.3 miles to Sunny Bar Canyon. Larry reports that “For this trip, we brought the four-wheeler and made quick work of those miles. Right before the Sunny Bar Canyon you will cross the creek. We made the mistake of trying to bushwhack here through the dense growth and marshy ground. On the return trip, we learned that if we had followed the road just a bit more we would have found a great place to cross the stream.”

He continues: “The plan was to start a traverse up the western slopes of the mountain. The ground was good and going easy. We made the southern ridge at about 9,200 feet 1 hour and 15 minutes into the hike. The rest was simple, just follow this meandering ridge to the summit. Once we left the tree line, the rocky ridge was solid. The scree/talus was blocky and provided good footing. What could have been a long scree slog was surprisingly pleasant.”

Swanson Peak viewed from Sunny Bar Peak.

Swanson Peak viewed from Sunny Bar Peak. The route climbs the right hand ridge from Pass Creek.

Swanson Peak

Swanson Peak. Larry Prescott Photo

Larry's GPS track from where he left Uncle Ike Creek.

Larry’s GPS track from where he left Uncle Ike Creek.

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Lemhi Range

Longitude: -113.06311   Latitude: 44.06019

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