Ulysses Mountain

Elevation: 7,649 ft
Prominence: 1,029

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This peak is not in the book. Published June 2019

Ulysses Mountain is located northwest of North Fork, Idaho and due south of Indian Peak. USGS Ulysses Mountain

Bing Young summarized the lookout’s history: Ulysses Mountain was an important secondary lookout for many years. It stands on a point at the end of a ridge between Sage and Brush Creek at 7,649 feet. A lookout/smokechaser was placed on the lookout in the late 1920s. The shelter was probably built in the early 1930s and features a 70-foot metal tower, one of three lookouts in the Salmon National Forest with large metal towers.

Ulysses Mountain, in the center of a highly used part of the Forest, was also important as a complimentary lookout for Stein and Stormy Peak, but it has not been used since 1963. The lookout building and tower are still [1982] in good condition and can be seen on the drive up Indian Creek or Cove Creek. Salmon National Forest Fire Lookouts by Bing Young 1982, Pages 41-42.


This area at the South End of the Bitterroot Mountains is a maze of roads. Google Maps offers two routes to the summit from North Fork, Idaho. The shortest is 16.0 miles and takes at least an hour to drive. A 4WD vehicle is recommended. As always, check with the Forest Service for current road conditions.

Mountain Range: Bitterroot Mountains

Longitude: -114.11039   Latitude: 45.42939

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