Victor Peak

Elevation: 8,718 ft
Prominence: 458

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 112 of the book. Published February 2020

Victor Peak is located southeast of Loon Lake on a ridgeline that divides Enos and Loon Creeks. USGS Victor Peak

Victor Peak viewed from Loon Lake. John Platt Photo

Victor Peak as viewed from Loon Lake. John Platt Photo


FST-081/FST-084, Loon Lake Trails [(B)(2)(b) on Page 135]

Northeast Ridge East, Class 2

This route, which begins at Loon Lake, is described in the book on Page 135. This route is 17.0 miles with 2,800 feet of elevation gain round trip. Mountain bikes are allowed on the trail as far as Loon Lake. The ridge has burned since the book was published, so be prepared for deadfall. Use the link below to read John Platt’s trip report.

The Northeast Ridge condition in 2016. John Platt Photo

The Northeast Ridge in 2016. John Platt Photo

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Mountain Range: Western Salmon River Mountains

Longitude: -115.88701   Latitude: 45.14779

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