War Eagle Peak

Elevation: 8,720 ft
Prominence: 176

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 351 of the book. Livingston Douglas provided the updates found below. Updated November 2018

War Eagle Peak is a minor summit on the Black Pine Mountains Crest located southeast of Black Pine Peak. USGS Black Pine Peak

Use this link to read about the Classic Black Pine Mountains Traverse.

War Eagle Peak on the left and Black Pine Peak peaking over the ridge on the left.

War Eagle Peak on the left and Black Pine Peak peeking over the ridge on the left.

2018 Update by Livingston Douglas 

Date of Climb:  September 26, 2018

Updates/corrections to the text: FST-018 [(A)(1.1)(a)] is now FST-833. The USGS topo map and the Sawtooth National Forest/Minidoka Ranger District map both show FST-833 still in existence (FST-018 on the USGS topo map). But I saw no signs of any trail coming up out of Pole Canyon and crossing Pole Canyon Pass (7,980 feet). I also saw no trail descending southward from the pass to curl around to the South Slopes of War Eagle Peak that are referred to in the book. Does FST-018/FST-833 still exist? I doubt it.

Due to increasingly hostile land owners in the Black Pine Mountains area (as per the National Forest Service in Burley, ID), most of the access roads into the Black Pine Mountains are now closed to the public. Are the trails also disappearing due to lack of maintenance and use? I suspect that they are.

East Ridge, Class 2


Same as for the North Ridge of Peak 8376 (Pole Canyon Peak)


This route is part of a ridge traverse from Peak 8376 to War Eagle Peak (8,716 feet). The route begins at Pole Canyon Pass (7,980 feet), which is the low point between Peak 8376 and War Eagle Peak. From the pass, follow a good sheep trail initially up the sagebrush slope of the rounded ridge crest of the East Ridge. Leave the sheep trail after ascending a few hundred feet in order to remain on the ridge crest. Bushwhack westward up through relatively thick sagebrush and find a weaker sheep trail close to the ridge crest to reach a rockier ridge section with forested terrain on its R/N side.

Find a decent game trail in the forest (near the ridge crest) and follow it for a short distance. Leave it to climb the Class 2 ridge rock (whitish, choppy fin rock) which leads directly up the ridge to the rocky, narrow summit of War Eagle Peak. This peak had nothing on it. So, for the students and alumni of Auburn University (home of the War Eagles), I build a nice cairn on the high point using the ample loose talus nearby. Now the peak stands proud.

Northwest Ridge (Descent), Class 2


Same as for the East Ridge Route


This route is part of a ridge traverse from War Eagle Peak (8,716 feet) to Black Pine Peak (9,386 feet). From the summit of War Eagle Peak, follow the ridge northward to a minor saddle using a sheep trail on the R/E side of the ridge crest. From the saddle, continue northward to the top of Point 8708, using a weaker sheep trail to assist you. Point 8708 is a rocky outcrop in its own right. From the top of Point 8708, descend WNW to another ridge saddle. This descent is on rocky terrain and is a full-on Class 2 effort. There are no sheep trails to help you in this ridge section. This is the low saddle between War Eagle Peak and Black Pine Peak. Consequently, the Northwest Ridge Route ends here.

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Mountain Range: Black Pine Mountains

Year Climbed: 1988

Longitude: -113.10289   Latitude: 42.10889


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