Wardner Peak

Elevation: 6,220 ft
Prominence: 280

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 58 of the book. There have been significant changes in this area since the book was published. I recommend the route below rather than the route in the book.

Wardner Peak is a pointed summit that is located due west of Kellogg Peak. During my visit to Kellogg Peak, the air was filled with forest fire smoke so I skipped this summit. On a clear day, it would be well worth a visit. USGS Masonia

Wardner Peak from Kellog Peak.

Wardner Peak as viewed from Kellogg Peak.

Wardner Peak is included in the Silver Mountain Ski Resort. Ski lifts lead nearly to its summit as well as a road from Kellogg Peak. I recommend hiking to the summit via the road from Kellogg Peak. Class 1.

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Mountain Range: Saint Joe Mountains

Longitude: -116.14329   Latitude: 47.49201

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