Elevation: 10,588 ft
Prominence: 808

Climbing and access information for WCP-3 is found on page 219.

This is another rarely visited White Cloud Peak. Livingston Douglas provided route information for peak’s north and west ridges. His difficult Class 3 climb up the west ridge was more than likely a first ascent. Also check out Dave Pahlas’ trip report linked below for additional details and photos.

WCP-3. Dave Phalas Photo

WCP-3. Dave Phalas Photo


North Ridge Route, Class 2 by Livingston Douglas 

Climbed it on 8/30/16 via Hoodoo Lake Trail Approach. Start the climb from the end of Hoodoo Lake Trail at the north end of Hoodoo Lake, follow a climber’s trail south along the west side of the lake to reach the inlet stream. Scramble up a steep hillside north of the inlet stream (staying away from the unpleasant stream drainage itself) to reach a forested shoulder. Follow the shoulder south to reach a nice, open meadow at 8,900′. Hike south across the meadow then turn southwest, then west to scramble up rather loose gravel scree (using game trails whenever possible) up through open forest on the right hand side of the drainage to reach the ridge saddle between WCP-1 and WCP-3 at 9,900′.

From the saddle, follow a good game trail up the ridge scree to the gentle summit of WCP-3 (Easy Class 2). Nice views of several other of the WCPs from the summit, as well as a good look at the rugged connecting ridge to WCP-2.

West Ridge, Class 3 by Livingston Douglas  

West Ridge, Class 3 by Livingston Douglas


Via the North Ridge Route from Hoodoo Lake.

Route Description

I climbed WCP-3 on August 30, 2016 as part of a triple traverse of WCP-1, WCP-2, and WCP-3. The route description begins at the summit of WCP-3 and returns to the summit of WCP-3 after a climb of WCP-2. From the summit of WCP-3, descend the west ridge on steep scree and talus. The ridge narrows just before reaching the base of a Class 3 tower (Point 10,000+). Scramble 60 feet up over the tower and then continue down the ridge to reach the WCP-3/WCP-2 saddle at 9,780 feet. Stay on or close to the ridge crest to keep this ridge climb at a Class 3. Upon returning from WCP-2, ascend the west ridge of WCP-3 from the 9,780-foot saddle. Climb up over Point 10,000+ then descend 60 feet to a small saddle. Continue up the ridge on steep scree and talus. Thankfully, the summit of WCP-3 is a gentle hump of broken scree. No exposure here.

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: White Cloud Mountains

First Ascent Information:

  • Other First Ascent: West Ridge
  • Year: 2017
  • Season: Summer
  • Party: Livingston Douglas

Longitude: -114.66049   Latitude: 44.15619

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