Southern Seven Devils Access

FS-112/Black Lake Road

This road is the primary access route into the Southern Seven Devils. The road is maintained but high-clearance vehicles are recommended. The road is narrow, steep and crosses 3 passes and steep slopes along the way. Due to its high elevation, it may not be free of snow until after July 4th.

To reach the road, leave Council, Idaho and take Hornet Creek Road out of town. This road can be accessed at the 90-degree turn that US-95 makes downtown. This road becomes FS-002 and it is an exceptionally good highway. Just before Bear, Idaho (an unincorporated hamlet), there is a junction. A left turn keeps you on FS-002 and takes you to Cuprum. Google Maps will get you to Bear, Idaho. In 2016, I found Google Map’s directions were wrong after Bear.

Keep straight on FS-105. The pavement ends and you will drive past the many trailers and shacks that make up Bear. Go slow or risk the wrath of the locals. You are 31.0 miles from Council. FS-105 is a good gravel road. After 4.9 miles, there is a junction. Keep left on the deteriorating FS-105. After another 1.8 miles, you reach a 4-way junction where there is an historic marker about a mail cabin and a sign pointing to Bear Lake. Turn right onto Bear Lake Road/FS-112. It is 12.0 miles to Black Lake.

The Black Lake Road provides access to several trails that traverse the Southern Seven Devils. It also provides access to Smith Mountain and its fire lookout. At Black Lake, there is a small campground that gets a lot of use. There are a few unofficial camping spots before the lake off a left turn.

Trails accessible from Black Lake Road

See Page 105 for information on the trails leaving from Black Lake Road. I will update and expand trail information when possible. Additionally, there is access information on the pages for the peaks in this area.

Satan Lake Trail. Roughly 100 yards before Black Lake, there is a short spur road on the right with parking space for 1-2 vehicles. On the downhill side of this spur road, an unofficial trail drops down the hill. This trail leads to Satan Lake. Although not a maintained trail, it is relatively easy to follow.