Smith Mountain

Elevation: 8,005 ft
Prominence: 345

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 103 of the book.

Smith Mountain is the southernmost Seven Devils summit to top 8,000 feet. The summit has a Forest Service Lookout which is available for emergency use. USGS Purgatory Saddle

Access is via Black Lake Road. A road leaves Black Lake Road and climbs to the summit in 0.7 miles with 360 feet of elevation gain. The road is not in good shape and you will need a 4WD with good off-road tires. Hey, if you are reading this you are a hiker and the road is a great trail. As with most fire lookouts, the views from the summit are amazing. Class 1.

My GPS track.

My GPS track.

Smith Mountain viewed from the south.

Smith Mountain as viewed from the south.

John Plarr strolling up the deteriorating road to the summit.

The deteriorating road to the summit.

The view north of the Seven Devils is big.

The view north to the Seven Devils is big.

Mountain Range: Seven Devil Mountains

Year Climbed: 2016

Longitude: -116.57919   Latitude: 45.13419

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