Using the Website

Idaho A Climbing Guide divides Idaho into 4 sections: Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern. While the vast majority of information in the book is still valid, this website updates, supplements and expands on the contents in the book. You will find the following information on this website: (1) Updates to historical, access and route information found in the book and (2) Idaho peaks not found in the book. While you do not need the book to use this website, the book has a lot of useful information that is not included on the website. Thus, the book is a valuable resource for planning any exploration of Idaho’s mountains.

Website Organization

There are over 5,000 ranked peaks in Idaho. These mountains fall into 36 major groupings. The following linked headings briefly discuss the contents of the tabs found at the top of each peak page. Each tab is a gateway to the exploring the peaks:

Mountain Ranges —sets forth links to each mountain range and subrange.

Peak Index —creates sortable tables of peaks by elevation or name.

Mount Borah —the everything Borah page.

The 12ers —quick links to each of Idaho’s nine 12,000-foot peaks.

Peak Lists —an assortment of peak lists to ignite your imagination.

Navigation In the Real World

Maps form the foundation for almost every climb in the book and on the website. You should not consider attempting a climb without hard copy or digital versions of the necessary maps—and the expertise to use them. Idaho is a big state. In some places, getting lost is easier than you might imagine. Additionally, route descriptions often refer to map designations such as contour lines, lakes, drainages and elevation points.

Roads and Trails —protocols used on the website are discussed at this link.

Maps —Livingston Douglas updates the available map resources at this link.

Abbreviation —A list of abbreviations  use in the book and the website.

Definitions —A few commonly-used terms used in route descriptions.

Organization of Peaks

The peaks included on the website (like the book) are divided into 4 regions. Each region is then divided into the major mountain ranges found in that region. The following graphic displays these divisions.

Idaho’s 36 major mountain ranges.

Idaho’s 36 major mountain ranges.