Leatherman Peak

Elevation: 12,228 ft

Leatherman Peak from Sawmill Pass.

This peak is found at pages 276 to 277. Also see Wes Collin’s article on The Lost River Traverse in the Climbing Hisotry section.

The second highest Idaho 12er is a distinctive peak easily visible from ID-93 yet difficult to access. Approaches from both the east and the west require a 4WD and a bit of patience. Scroll down this page to find descriptions of two routes not found in the book.

Leatherman Peak from Sawmill Pass.

Leatherman Peak from Sawmill Pass.

Leatherman Peak from Sawmill Gulch.

Leatherman Peak from Sawmill Gulch.

Dan Robbins reports the following route on Leatherman Peak which is not found in the book. Check out Dan’s trip report.

Northeast Ridge.

Come in from the West Fork Pahsimeroi trail [(B)(8)(a)] hiking due west toward Leatherman Pass. Between Peak 11,909 and Leatherman, follow the gully up to a cirque at 10,800. From here, either hit the northeast face, or continue up the gully to the ridge at 11,800 and follow the ridge to the top. All the rock on this route is tight and it is a very pleasant route. There is only one short 20-30 foot section of class 3 climbing, which could be bypassed by dropping down off the ridge a little (I’m too lazy to do that though). The face looked doable in several spots to, and probably would have been just as easy. 8 miles, 4,100 feet, took us 8 hours, but my friend bonked and if solo I probably would have finished it in 6 1/2 to 7. See photo and map below.

Photo Copyright: Dan Robbins 2002.

Photo Copyright: Dan Robbins 2002.

leatherman topo Robbins1

Leatherman North Ridge Route

Steve Sheriff of Missoula, Montana climbed the north ridge direct. The following information was provided by Steve. He also put up a new route on Old Hyndman. Please refer to the Pioneers for that route.

Leatherman Peak, North Ridge via the 11,909 knob on the way, 7/10/1999. I
did this with Dave Pengelly and John Kienberger. It seems as if this should
have been done before as it is an obvious way up Leatherman if you are in
the east fork valley. I’d wanted to get up Leatherman and we were down there
to climb Corruption so we wandered up Leatherman via the north ridge as
well. This was mostly a walk, with some minor scrambling and makes for a
really nice, scenic ridge wander. Nice enough that we reversed the route to
return to the car – an 8 hour round trip. The wildlife highlight of this one
was jumping a lion on the way back through the woods.

cheers, and safe climbing,

Steve Sheriff
706 Lolo Street
Missoula, MT

Mountain Range: Lost River Range

Year Climbed: 1982

First Ascent Information:

  • First Ascent Year: 1910
  • Season: Summer
  • Route: Unknown
  • Party: T.M. Bannon
  • Other First Ascent: First Winter via West Ridge
  • Year: 1973
  • Season: Winter
  • Party: W. March and R. Albano

Longitude: -113.7332   Latitude: 44.0821


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