Don Benchmark

Elevation: 5,691 ft
Prominence: 711

This peak is not in the book.

Don Benchmark is an easy climb with exceptional views. The peak is located just north of ID-21. Access the peak via the Pony Creek Road, FS-131 [(E)(1)], which leaves ID-20 15.5 miles north of Mountain Home. This road parallels the peak’s western slopes. Ascend these slopes from any point along the 0.5 miles from ID-20. Because of its proximity to the highway, it has been climbed with snowshoes during the winter. However, if there is sufficient snow, avalanches are possible. So make sure the terrain is safe before trying a winter ascent. Class 2.

Don Benchmark from the Pony Creek Road.

Don Benchmark from the Pony Creek Road.

USGS Topo: Long Tom Reservoir

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Boise Mountains

Year Climbed: 2017

Longitude: -115.51109   Latitude: 43.28139

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