Granite Mountain 7424

Elevation: 7,424 ft
Prominence: 1,804

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on pages 148-149 of the book. The USGS has identified a lower summit with only 64 feet of prominence just to the north as Granite Mountain. This page places the name on the higher point. Neither Peakbagger nor Lists of John follow this path. Updated November 2018

This peak and two lower summits comprise the highest mountain uplift west of Swanholm Peak. This area is bounded by the North Fork Boise River in the north, Trail Creek and Swanholm Creek on the west, and the Middle Fork Boise River to the south. Despite the peak’s significant prominence, it is not a particularly impressive mountain and there is a limited view from its summit. Better views are found on nearby Grand Mountain.

I climbed this peak and nearby [unranked] Grand Mountain on the same day in 2013. Dan Robbins and I could not find any sign of the trailhead where it was shown on the Boise National Forest Map but we did find the trail once we neared the summit. We started at the pass on the peak’s East Side. USGS Grand Mountain

Mountain Range: Boise Mountains

Year Climbed: 2013

Longitude: -115.4052   Latitude: 43.8653

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