Granite Mountain 6818 by Anna Gorin

Elevation: 6,818 ft
Prominence: 678

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Approaching Granite Peak from the east. Ann Gorin Photo

This Granite Mountain (one of 12 Granite Mountains/Peaks in Idaho) is not in the book. Published May 2020

This peak is located due south of House Mountain on a long north/south ridge line. This area was recently ravaged by a forest fire. The peak rises up steeply above the South Fork Boise River. USGS House Mountain

Approaching Granite Peak from the east. Ann Gorin Photo

Approaching Granite Peak from the east. Anna Gorin Photo


Wilson Creek trailhead which is approximately 2.5 miles NE of Anderson Ranch Dam on FS-114/South Fork Boise River Road [(E)(2.1) on Page 155].

Southeast Ridge-Northeast Ridge Traverse, Class 2

From the trailhead, we followed the 2-track road (FS-113G) along the creek, up the ridge to Wilson Flat and west to the base of Granite (about 4.5 miles of pretty easy walking), at which point we picked a ridge and made the final slow and steep 1,500-foot slog to the summit.

This route covers 11+ miles with about 3,000 feet of elevation gain round trip. There are views of the reservoir, the Danskins, the Soldier Mountains, etc. I am surprised that this one doesn’t get much attention, especially with the fairly good trail access for the approach!

Granite Mountain

Anna’s GPS track

Anderson Ranch Dam as viewed from Trail 606. Anna Gorin Photo

The remnants of very faint Trail 612 and Granite Mountain straight ahead (with the snow). Anna Gorin Photo

Climbing the final northeast ridge to the summit. Anna Gorin Photo

Looking toward the Soldiers going east on the way back. Anna Gorin Photo

Granite Mountain (the one with the snow) overlooking the canyon as seen from the road up from Anderson Ranch Dam. Anna Gorin Photo

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Mountain Range: Boise Mountains

Longitude: -115.4997   Latitude: 43.3749

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