Peak 10001 (Indian Head Peak) by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 10,001 ft
Prominence: 446

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This peak is not in the book. Published November 2019

Peak 10001 is the lowest 10K peak in the State of Idaho. It stands like a sentinel, overlooking Indian Head Canyon. It is most easily reached by a ridge traverse from Dead Horse Summit to the south on easy, open terrain. It is one of several gentle giants that lie on high ridges in this large area south of the bend in the Continental Divide near Huhs Horn (11,292 feet). USGS Scott Peak

West Shoulder/North Ridge, Class 2


From the junction of ID-28 and ID-33 in Mud Lake, drive north on ID-28 for 42.5 miles to [signed] Nicholia Road. Nicholia Road is located 6.1 miles north of the Kaufman Picnic Area on ID-28. Turn right/north-northeast onto Nicholia Road and drive 3.1 miles to an unsigned junction with a dirt road that runs south at the base of the mountains. Drive 4.5 miles south on this dirt road to reach an unsigned left turn for Scott Canyon. You have reached Scott Canyon Road. Reset your odometer. At 0.3 miles, enter the Targhee National Forest. At 1.8 miles, pass Blind Canyon (signed). At 2.9 miles, reach an unsigned road junction. Turn right/south-southeast here and park along the road (7,509 feet).

The Climb

From the road junction at 7,509 feet, hike a short distance up Scott Canyon Road to the end of the meadow. Leave the road and bushwhack east through sagebrush up onto an obvious shoulder. This is the broad west shoulder of Peak 10001. Scramble east up an open scrub slope then angle right/southeast to continue up the steep slope into the forest. The forest bushwhack is a bit tedious as it has a good amount of downed timber, is somewhat dense, and has a decent amount of underbrush and bushes.

Grind your way up the slope. Higher up, the right/south edge of the shoulder becomes better defined and is open (but is rocky and brushy). At about 8,800 feet, the ridge bends right/east-ish and ascends to somewhat open terrain at about 9,000 feet. When you reach 9,500 feet, the forest ends and the terrain really opens up. The scrub is easy here and there are some scattered pines and blowdown.

The ridge bends southeast then south and the summit is now clearly visible. The ridge continues to curl to the right and finishes in a westward trajectory. The final section of summit ridge is brushy and rocky. The summit of Peak 10001 is a narrow ridge crest. The high point sports a decent cairn.

Northeast Ridge, Class 2


Same as for the west shoulder/north ridge. This is the first leg of a ridge traverse from Peak 10001 to Peak 9167.

The Descent

From the summit, descend the east ridge briefly then go cross-country over easy scrub/grass southeast to reach a broad saddle and a minor ridge hump (Point 9861). From Point 9861, cruise east then northeast on easy scrub/grass to descend the long northeast ridge. You will eventually stumble upon an old 2-track jeep road that follows the ridge crest down to a grassy saddle then up over a grassy hump (Point 8859). The road then drops to another, wider/longer saddle. This is the base of the northeast ridge.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Beaverhead Range

Longitude: -112.86629   Latitude: 44.30359

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