Peak 10216 (Liberty Mountain)

Elevation: 10,216 ft
Prominence: 295

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This peak is not in the book. The elevation has been updated to 10,216 feet based on new LiDAR measurements. Updated December 2023

Liberty Mountain is located due east of ID-28 at Gilmore Summit and east of Meadow Lake. Based on my observations, I believe that the peak can be climbed via its west face from Meadow Lake. Larry Prescott climbed the peak from the east. Larry’s East Face Route is summarized here and a link to his site is provided below. Rick Baugher’s Southeast Ridge Route is also linked below. USGS Gilmore

East Face

Larry accessed the east face via a 4WD road that is found just north of Silver Moon Gulch. This road ends approximately a mile from the summit. Larry reported:

“The path to the east face of Liberty Mountain follows a well-defined creek bed. The going was easy without much brush. Soon the forest gave way to an open slope of rocks leading to the ridge of the mountain. I followed the ridge straight to the summit.”

Ascending the east face. Larry Prescott Photo

Ascending the east face. Larry Prescott Photo

Larry continues:

“The upper part of the steep ridge was a bit difficult. Deep snow made for slow going. I inched my way to the top, carefully crossed solid ice to open rocks, and then made for the summit.”

Larry’s Class 3 route ascends 1,800 feet of elevation in roughly 1.25 miles.

The view from the summit. Larry Prescott Photo

The view from the summit. Larry Prescott Photo

Larry's route up the face.

Larry’s route up Liberty Mountain’s East Face.

Mountain Range: Lemhi Range

Longitude: -113.29639   Latitude: 44.43129

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