Peak 11151 (The Ramp)

Elevation: 11,151 ft
Prominence: 691

Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 257 of the book.

The Ramp is the 95th-highest Idaho Peak. It is one of the many peaks that surround the spectacular Lake Creek drainage. Climbing from Lake Creek will take you by trail to Round Lake in roughly 6.0 miles. The route is cross-country from there with the crux being getting above treeline through the lush forest. Livingston Douglas provided the climbing route information for the Northwest Ridge which is discussed below. USGS Smiley Mountain

The Ramp viewed from a point near Long Lake in the Lake Creek drainage.

The Ramp as viewed from a point near Long Lake in the Lake Creek drainage.

Northwest Ridge Route, Class 2 by Livingston Douglas 

Date of Climb: 7/2/16


Please refer to the North Ridge Route on Smiley Mountain for details on how to reach the upper basin ESE of Round Lake at 9,950 feet. Then refer to the Southeast Ridge Route on Peak 10995/Double U Peak for details on how to reach the 10,500-foot ridge saddle between Peak 10995 and Peak 11151.


From the 10,500-foot ridge saddle, plod your way up the ridge on scree and talus to reach the summit of Peak 11151. Enjoy the views to the north and east down the exposed cliffs that are comfortably away from your safe summit perch.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Pioneer Mountains

Longitude: -113.79849   Latitude: 43.72849

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