Peak 11367 (Mount Morrison)

Elevation: 11,367 ft
Prominence: 627

Climbing and access information for this 11er peak is found on page 274. Two routes are found in the book. There is a typo in the book. The route labeled West Ridge should have read East Ridge. Updated information is set out below and more can found using the links.

Mount Morrison is an outlier sitting west of the Lost River Range crest from Mount Idaho. While it is small in comparison to Idaho it is a major peak in it’s own right and ranked as the 56th highest Idaho summit. To my knowledge the peak has been climbed by the east and west ridges and the south face gully route. I have no information on the difficulty of the west ridge route. It appears that a number of different lines have been climbed on the south face. Be aware that the south face is a complicated mess of cliffs, gullies and loose rock. Anyone attempting to climb this mountain should have advanced experience in route finding and crossing broken rock terrain. This peak is unofficially named after Lee Morrison, a USGS topographical engineer who lead expeditions that mapped much of Idaho in the 1920s and 1930s.

Use this link for photos and commentary on the East Ridge Route. Class 3+

Mount Morrison from US-93 at Lone Cedar Creek.

Mount Morrison from US-93 at Lone Cedar Creek.

Use the link below to read John Platt’s trip report on his and Sean Diffy’s winter ascent. Use the link below to read Rick Baugher’s trip report where you will learn the peak is not named after Doors singer Jim Morrison.

Mount Morrison. Platt and Duffey's winter ascent route.

Mount Morrison. Platt and Duffey’s winter ascent route.


Mountain Range: Lost River Range

First Ascent Information:

  • Other First Ascent: Winter
  • Year: 2011
  • Season: Winter
  • Party: John Platt and Sean Duffy

Longitude: -113.8008   Latitude: 44.1013

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