Peak 5100 (Deep Peak)

Elevation: 5,100 ft
Prominence: 320

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This peak is not in the book. Erik Pohlmann has provided a new route variation for this peak which is set out below. Updated June 2018

Peak 5100 is located on a ridge that separates Grouse Creek and Blacks Creek. I recommend climbing it and Peak 5096 via the connecting ridge. The peak can also be climbed from Blacks Creek via Lime Creek. See the Peak 5096 page for details. USGS Arrowrock Dam

Peak 5100 sits at the head of Lime Creek and west of Grouse Creek on the western end of the Danskin Mountains.

Peak 5100 sits at the head of Lime Creek and west of Grouse Creek on the western end of the Danskin Mountains.

Peak 5090 and Peak 5100

The route from the Blacks Creek/Woodtick Creek trailhead quickly gains the ridge and follows an old road northward.

Kepros Peak viewed from Peak 5100.

Kepros Mountain as viewed from Peak 5100.


Drive up Blacks Creek Road over Blacks Creek Summit. Roughly 1.0 below the pass is Woodtick Creek. There is parking for 1-2 vehicles.

Southeast Ridge, Class 2

FST-291 starts here, works up the creek for a short ways, and crosses the creek. The trail quickly climbs up to a pass at the head of Grouse Creek and a junction. The left fork descends into the drainage. Follow the right fork along the ridge toward the summit of Peak 5096, which is reached in 1.67 miles. Stay on the road which continues past Peak 5100 with a few ups and downs. When you reach a gate in the fence on Peak 5100’s East Ridge, pass through the gate and make the short climb to the summit.

Deadman Creek Loop by Erik Pohlmann 

This route is a personal favorite route/loop via Deadman Creek. It connects a lot of fun single-track trails instead of boring roads.  Round-trip stats: Slightly over 8 miles with 2,000 feet of elevation gain.

The Route

1) From Blacks Creek Road, take the Deadman Creek horse trail for 2 miles all the way to its high point on the the saddle above Cow Creek. See linked photo of the Deadman Creek horse trail.
Deadman Creek. Erik Pohlmann Photo

Deadman Creek. Erik Pohlmann Photo

2) Then cross-country for a mile, following the the ridge west until running into an old road. Keep following that road east along the same ridge for an additional mile or so.  This takes you past one of the most forested parts of the Danskin Mountains north of Blacks Creek Road and is quite scenic. See linked photo.

The forested area along the route. Erik Pohlmann Photo

The forested area along the route. Erik Pohlmann Photo

3) As the road begins descending into Lime Creek, look for a horse trail which branches off to the right/north from the next saddle. Take the horse trail for a more of a backcountry scenic feel, or stick to the road if desired. Both routes get you to Deep Peak.
4) You can continue on the horse trail clear to Point 4869 which, although is an out-and-back ridge detour, is extremely scenic. Otherwise look for a second horse trail which quickly veers left/west at the next small saddle and side-hills west towards Deep Peak.
5) The horse trail eventually connects back up with the road again, at which point you’re very close to Deep Peak. The remainder of the cross-country route to the summit should be obvious.
6) To complete the loop, retrace your route back to the road.
7) This time, instead of taking the horse trail, remain on the road for about a 1/2 mile and begin descending Lime Creek.
Lime Creek. Erik Pohlmann Photo

Lime Creek. Erik Pohlmann Photo

8) After covering the 1/2 mile, the road will begin to ascend out of Lime Creek. At this point, look for the next horse trail which continues descending Lime Creek for another 2 miles back to Blacks Creek Road.  See linked photo of Lime Creek horse trail.

9) Follow and descend Blacks Creek Road for the last mile back to your vehicle.

Erik’s GPS track for the loop route.

Erik’s GPS track for the loop route.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Boise Mountains

Year Climbed: 2015, 2019, 2020

Longitude: -115.8855429   Latitude: 43.55429

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