Peak 5340 (Mayfield Peak) by Erik Pohlmann

Elevation: 5,340 ft
Prominence: 720

Mayfield Peak viewed from the west.

This peak is not in the book. Additional Danskin Mountains access information can be found in the book at (D)(1) at pages 154-5 and (G)(1) at page 156. Also see the following website page: Danskin Mountains OHV Trails. Published May 2018

Mayfield Peak is located on the western most Danskin Mountains crest. The summit is located on private property. Secure permission before ascending this peak.

Mayfield Peak viewed from the west.

Mayfield Peak viewed from the west.

Mayfield Peak viewed from the south.

Mayfield Peak viewed from the south.

Mayfield Peak is really an unobtrusive two mile long ridge that runs in the east-west direction.  The high point is difficult to detect and is supposedly located on it’s eastern end, while Mayfield Benchmark is also supposedly located on the western end although I’ve never been able to locate it, closer to the tiny ghost town of Mayfield itself.

When viewed from afar this ridge can look deceptively dull and boring, but get up close and it’s actually really interesting with a lot of character.  The ridge itself is comprised of multiple relatively prominent summits that make for a fairly short but interesting ridge walk, while its southwest slopes are littered with multiple large rocky outcroppings that provide further personality.  The ridge can be accessed cross-country from Mayfield Road to the southwest, but beware of the maze of private property.  There are also trails leading very close to the high point from the Case Creek Trail Head to the east, although the high point itself is located on a smaller unmarked patch of private property.

USGS The Roost

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Boise Mountains

Longitude: -115.79169   Latitude: 43.42719

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