Peak 5580 (Cow Peak)

Elevation: 5,580 ft
Prominence: 680

This peak is not in the book. Additional Danskin Mountains access information can be found in the book at (D)(1) at pages 154-5 and (G)(1) at page 156. Also see the following website page: Danskin Mountains OHV Trails. Published April 2017

The summit of Peak 5580 offers a lot of viewing enjoyment which can be quickly secured by a short, steep walk.. The peak is a grass covered mountain which drops away significantly on all sides. You can observe a huge swath of the eastern Danskin Mountains as well as the South Fork Canyon and the Trinity Mountains from the summit.

Peak 5580 viewed from the west.

Peak 5580 is easily accessible from FS-131, the Pony Creek Road aka Prairie Road [(E)(1)] discussed in the book at page 155. Follow the road north from ID-20 for 7.6 miles to a broad saddle. Peak 5580 is located due east of the saddle. A two track road leads up toward the peak. The summit is roughly 0.8 miles and 700 feet above this junction. The two track is passable when dry to 4WDs for 0.3 miles.

Follow the two track up hill from the main road to a flat spot where there is good parking. From this point the peak’s broad west ridge is to the north. The least steep route contours over and up to the ridge and then follow it to the summit. Class 2. USGS Long Tom Reservoir

My GPS track in red and the road approach in blue.

Cow Peak is in the very middle of photo, which was snapped from "Bridge Peak" to the north. Erik Pohlmann Photo

Cow Peak is in the very middle of photo, which was snapped from “Bridge Peak” to the north. Erik Pohlmann Photo

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Boise Mountains

Year Climbed: 2017

Longitude: -115.55579   Latitude: 43.33749

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