Peak 7047

Elevation: 7,047 ft
Prominence: 347

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Peak 7047 viewed from the southeast.

This peak is not in the book. Published October 2018

Peak 7047 is located on the main Owyhee Mountains Crest NNE of New York Summit and south of Slacks Mountain. This area of the crest is festooned with granite towers and boulders. The peak is capped by a few granite boulders. As of late 2018, a register is located on the summit. USGS Silver City

Peak 7047 viewed from the southeast.

Peak 7047 as viewed from the southeast.


The easiest access is from New York Summit, which is a pass on the Murphy/Silver City Road [(a)(2) on Page 346]. The peak can also accessed from the Reynolds Area via the Slacks Mountain Road. See Reynolds Area Access Routes. The road from Slacks Mountain to New York Summit has deteriorated significantly. It is passable to ATVs. 4WDs can probably negotiate the route but only at the risk of damaging their paint jobs if not more.

South Ridge, Class 2+

The South Ridge can be climbed from New York Summit by following the 4WD road northwest to its base. At the base of the South Ridge, a good cattle trail quickly leads north to a shallow saddle. From this saddle, the ridge is cluttered with pine, mountain mahogany and brush. Cattle have trundled through much of this area but have not made a definitive trail up the ridge. The eastern GPS track shown below avoids the worst of the brush. The summit area is composed of a pile of boulders which are not difficult to surmount, It is the only place that is close to Class 3. Round trip from the summit was 2.5 miles with 360 feet of elevation gain.

My GPS track from New York Summit to Peak 7047.

My GPS track from New York Summit to Peak 7047.


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Mountain Range: Owyhee Mountains

Year Climbed: 2018

Longitude: -73169   Latitude: 43.04989

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