Peak 7855 by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 7,855 ft
Prominence: 635

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Peak 7855 viewed from Peak 7814.

This peak is not in the book. Updated January 2023

Peak 7855 sits on the main Deep Creek Crest west-northwest of Deep Creek Peak. Peak 7855 is the high point on a north-south ridge that includes Peak 7758 to the north and Peak 7814 to the south. It is most easily reached via a Class 2 ridge traverse from Peak 7814 to its south. Peak 7855 sits due east of another ranked summit on a side ridge, Peak 7700. USGS Deep Creek Peak

Peak 7855 viewed from Peak 7814.

Peak 7855 as viewed from Peak 7814


Same as for Peak 7814. This is the second leg of a 3-peak adventure that includes Peak 7814, Peak 7855, and Peak 7700. It begins at a saddle on Big Canyon Road.

South Ridge, Class 2

The Climb

From the 7,460-foot connecting saddle with Peak 7814, follow the ridge crest right-ish/north-northeast up open scrub with a few scattered pines to reach a minor ridge bump. Continue left/northwest on the open ridge crest in easy scrub to skirt the right/east side of Point 7800+. Scramble right/north in easy, open terrain to reach the summit hump of Peak 7855. The summit has a decent cairn. Peak 7855 provides access to Peak 7700 (to its west) and Peak 7758 (to its north).

Peak 7855 (summit hump is just right of center) as viewed from the southeast ridge. Livingston Douglas Photo

Peak 7855 (summit is right of center) and its undulating west ridge (left of center). Livingston Douglas Photo

Peak 7855 (small hump in distance in dead center) and Point 7800+ (the massive hump left of center) as viewed from Point 7804 to the south. You must skirt the right/east side of Point 7800+ to reach Peak 7855 on the southeast ridge. Livingston Douglas Photo

West Ridge, Class 2

The Descent (then Ascent)

From the summit, descend west to a saddle in a mix of forest and open scrub. The ridge has a few large, hidden rock buttresses just above the connecting saddle that must be skirted or downclimbed (Class 2-3). It is best to skirt them on their right/north sides in the forest. Stay close to the north side of the buttress for the least amount of underbrush and quickest return to the ridge crest. There are a few patches of thick scrub to navigate on this ridge. A cattle trail is usually there to help in these rougher sections. Reach the 7,340-foot connecting saddle with Peak 7700. This concludes the second leg of today’s 3-peak journey. Peak 7700 is up next.


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Mountain Range: Deep Creek Mountains

Longitude: -112.70701   Latitude: 42.48439

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