Peak 8010 (Tower Knob)

Elevation: 8,010 ft
Prominence: 310

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 70 of the book. This page replaces the book entry. Published July 2022

Tower Knob is located east of Gospel Peak and is due southwest of Upper Knob Lake. Bruce Dreher (who staffed the Square Mountain Lookout years ago) passed along the unofficial name. USGS Hanover Mountain

Tower Knob as viewed from the shoulder of Peak 8119


See Pyramid Peak for access information.

South Ridge, Class 2

Although not shown on the USGS quadrangle or the Forest Service maps, there is a fisherman’s trail to Upper Knob Lake. The trail starts at the point shown on the map as a very faint 2-track. Follow the tracks (if you can) toward Peak 8119. The trail disappears as you approach the base of the peak but reappears as the terrain steepens as shown on the map below. Once the trail starts climbing up to the east shoulder of Peak 8119, it is easy to follow. Once on Peak 8119’s shoulder, the trail disappears again. If you look carefully, you can find it as it descends to the pond at the base of Tower Knob’s south ridge. Leave the trail at the base of the steep south ridge. Climb the ridge to the summit ridge and follow it south to the “knob” that forms the peak’s summit.

The pond at the base of the south ridge

My GPS track for Peak 8119 & Tower Knob

Steve Grantham on the summit


Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Southern Clearwater Peaks

Year Climbed: 2022

Longitude: -115.92219   Latitude: 45.62329

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