Peak 8437

Elevation: 8,437 ft
Prominence: 1,247

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Peak 8437 viewed from the northeast.

This peak is not in the book. Published June 2018

Tri-summitted Peak 8437 is located southwest of the pass where the Big Canyon/Knox Canyon Road crosses the range. USGS Deep Creek Peak

Peak 8437 viewed from the northeast.

Peak 8437 as viewed from the northeast.


Use the directions found on the Deep Creek Peak page. Stop short of the pass at the point where the primitive Bull Canyon Road leaves the main road.

Northeast Ridge, Class 2

Follow the peak’s Northeast Ridge toward Point 7837. From this point, climb southwest to the summit. Expect brush along the way.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Deep Creek Mountains

Longitude: -112.71619   Latitude: 42.44301

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