Peak 8967 (Maple Canyon Peak) by Livingston Douglas

Elevation: 8,967 ft
Prominence: 307

This peak is not in the book. Published November 2018

Peak 8967 sits at the head of both the Left Fork and Right Fork of Maple Canyon. It is merely another bump on the open North-to-South ridge crest. It can most easily be reached via either the Left Fork Maple Canyon ATV Trail/FST-524 or the Right Fork Maple Canyon ATV Trail/FST-505. There is a short, Class 2 scramble to the open summit. It can also be reached via a long ridge traverse from Bald Mountain. USGS Meade Peak

Southeast Ridge, Class 2

Date of Climb: September 5, 2018


Same as for Bald Mountain (9,248 feet) via Maple Canyon Road


From the 8,580-foot ridge saddle at the base of the Southeast Ridge, follow FST-504 up the ridge. About ¼ mile up the ridge, you reach a trail junction. The Right Fork Maple Canyon Trail/FST-505 comes up from the L/W and dead-ends here. Continue NW then W then N up the ridge on FST-504 to a second trail junction. At this junction, the Left Fork Maple Canyon Trail/FST-524 intersects FST-504. From this junction (or just S of it), leave the trail and scramble eastward for 0.20 miles and 80 vertical feet to reach the summit of Peak 8967. The terrain is easy desert scrub with gaps and cattle trails to help expedite the climb to the top. The summit is a ridgeline with a broken-down fence row directly on it. There are trees nearby and forested areas to the N and E. There was nothing on top, so I built a decent cairn using the ample talus scattered about.

Southwest Ridge, Class 2


Same as for Bald Mountain (9,248 feet) via Maple Canyon Road


From the summit, descend the West Face briefly to reach the junction of FST-504/FST-524. This is an easy Class 2 descent on open terrain (desert scrub), requiring an 80-foot drop over 0.20 miles. Please consult the Southeast Ridge Route for more details on this section.

From the junction of FST-504/FST-524, follow the Left Fork Maple Canyon Trail/FST-524 down the Southwest Ridge and then down to the canyon floor and the trailhead at the Caribou NF boundary. This trail is approximately three miles in length and has some very steep, gravelly and rocky sections. Caution is advised.

An alternate descent route is via the Right Fork Maple Canyon Trail/FST-505, but it is a longer, more gradual descent route. The top of FST-505 intersects the ridgeline trail (FST-504) about ½ mile south of the junction of FST-504/FST-524.

Additional Resources

Mountain Range: Peale Mountains

Longitude: -111.24589   Latitude: 42.43959

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