Peak 9053 by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 9,053 ft
Prominence: 833

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Peak 9053. Steve Mandella photo.

This peak is not in the book. Published October 2018

Peak 9035 is located south of Peak 8937 in the Lost River Range. Class 2 approaches are from the north and west. The north approach is relatively treeless and provides good views of Lost River Range peaks throughout the climb. We climbed Peak 9053 as a loop with Peak 8937 to the north. Another ranked peak, Spring Hill, can be added to this loop. If the weather had been better, we would have bagged that too. You can also 4WD to the base of Spring Hill from the south. From there, you can crawl towards both Peaks 8937 and 9053, shortening your climb of all three peaks. USGS Doublespring

Peak 9053. Steve Mandella photo.

Peak 9053. Steve Mandella Photo


From Mackay, Idaho, travel northwest on US-93 until you reach a junction with Doublespring Road (116 on Google Maps). Travel north on Doublespring Road until you reach a well-defined 4WD road that Google shows as 307. Take 307 until you reach 308. Climb 308 as far as you can and park. You will likely need a 4WD to ascend 308. However, we did not need one to get to our starting point shown on the GPS track below.

North Ridge (Ascent); West Gully (Descent), Class 2

From your parking spot along 308, climb up the track until it disappears. Head to the saddle area around 8,200 feet. As you head south (toward the North Ridge of Peak 9053), you will encounter a jeep track that ascends partially up the mountain. Stay on the track for a while and then bushwhack directly through easy vegetation to the flat summit.

We combined our climb of Peak 9053 with Peak 8937 to the north. Our GPS track below is missing the descent from Peak 9053 to our vehicle. We descended via the West Gully, right near the “T” in Forest on the track. You can also ascend this gully, but it is steeper than the north approach. From the summit, you have nice views of the North Side of Mount Borah and Mountaineer Peak as well as other surrounding 10K and 11K peaks. You might also catch a rainbow.

Sometimes your summit views include rainbows. From Peak 9053's summit. Steve Mandella photo.

Sometimes your summit views includes a rainbow. Photo from the summit of Peak 9053. Peak 8937 is the treed high point in the background. Steve Mandella Photo

Peak 8937 Track, Margo Mandella

Peak 8937 track. Margo Mandella


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Mountain Range: Lost River Range

Longitude: -113.78649   Latitude: 44.26479

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