Peak 9101

Elevation: 9,101 ft
Prominence: 441

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Peak 9101 viewed from Mount Eldridge.

This peak is not in the book. Updated August 2019

Peak 9101 is located due south of Wolf Fang Peak and serves as an excellent spot to survey the spectacular country that surrounds Elk Summit. The road to the summit is also the starting point for a climb of Wolf Fang Peak. USGS Wolf Fang Peak

Peak 9101 viewed from Mount Eldridge.

Peak 9101 as viewed from Mount Eldridge.

Access and Route, Class 1+

FS-344 climbs from Elk Summit and FS-340 nearly to the top of Peak 9101. Elk Summit is accessed from the Big Creek Area and FS-340 [(B)(3.2) on Page 137]. The road ends just short of the summit at a small electronics installation. The actual summit is just east of the building and is roughly 10 feet higher.

Traveling through this area of the Salmon River Mountains requires a high-clearance vehicle with good tires at a minimum. These roads traverse burned areas and there is a high probability of encountering downed trees on the road. Taking a chainsaw is not a bad idea.

Peak 9101 viewed from Peak 8722

Peak 9101 as viewed from Peak 8722


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Mountain Range: Central Salmon River Mountains

Year Climbed: 1988, 2019

Longitude: -115.41919   Latitude: 45.15359

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