Wolf Fang Peak

Elevation: 9,007 ft
Prominence: 507

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 120 of the book. Updated August 2019

Wolf Fang Peak is located north of Elk Summit. The peak is, perhaps, less impressive than the name suggests and “fangs” are not found on the peak’s summit. Instead they are located on the ridge that runs east from the summit. Nevertheless, the peak is a worthy goal in the center of an impressive wilderness. The peak is located due north of Peak 9101 and easily accessed from the road that leads to that peak’s summit. USGS Wolf Fang Peak

Wolf Fang Peak from the south.

Wolf Fang Peak as viewed from the south.

A view of the fangs from the peak's summit.

A view of the fangs from the summit of Wolf Fang Peak.

Another view of the peak's fangs.

Another view of the peak’s fangs.

Wolf Fang Peak viewed from Peak 8722.

Wolf Fang Peak as viewed from Peak 8722.

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Mountain Range: Central Salmon River Mountains

Year Climbed: 1988, 2019

Longitude: -115.4165   Latitude: 45.1741


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