Peak 9735 (Goldstone North)

Elevation: 9,735 ft
Prominence: 315

This peak is not in the book.

Peak 9735 (Goldstone North) sits on the Continental Divide due north of Goldstone Mountain.

North Ridge/Southeast Ridge, Class 1, by Livingston Douglas


I used the Montana approach found in Idaho A Climbing Guide (page 331), via the ATV road (Forest Service Road (FSR) 7327) from its junction with Skinner Meadows Road (FSR 381). I hiked this route on my way from Goldstone Pass to Goldstone Mountain. Peak 9735 (Goldstone North) sits on the Continental Divide. The peak is just over 1 mile southwest of Goldstone Pass and 1/2 mile northwest of a minor saddle.


Peak 9735 (Goldstone North) is a ranked summit (barely) and not just a high point on the ridge. The Continental Divide Trail (CDT) follows the Divide south from Goldstone Pass (mostly on the west side of the ridge) to a saddle at 8,980 feet. The CDT then climbs to the west side of Peak 9735 to within about 15 feet of the rocky outcrop that is the summit. Continue southeast to a saddle at 9,420 feet and climb to the summit from this point.

My altimeter showed the Peak’s prominence at 310-320 feet above saddle 9,420. The USGS Topo map shows the Peak’s prominence at 315 feet. It might not be the most exciting or picturesque peak, but it counts as a ranked summit on the Continental Divide and is another peak for your peak bag.

Interestingly, on my descent from Goldstone Pass back to Skinner Meadows Road, I encountered a juvenile grizzly bear near the road, along a small strip of forest. The bear ran off when it saw me; then, paused to look back at me. It was around lunchtime. Fortunately, for me, the grizzly decided to forgo making me its meal of the day.

USGS Topo: Continental Divide

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Beaverhead Range

Longitude: -113.57629   Latitude: 45.13079

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