Sabe Mountain

Elevation: 8,245 ft
Prominence: 1,179

Climbing information for Sabe Mountain is found on page 73.

Sabe Mountain is located between Burnt Knob and Salmon Mountain on the north side of the Magruder Corridor. Sabe is one of the most prominent summits along the corridor. Its forest were burned off many years ago and are now just starting to return. Sabe Mountain is a former fire lookout site. The lookout was evidently comprised of a platform which sat on top of a small granite outcrop located on the peak’s high point. Today there are a few remnants of this minimal structure left.

Sabe Mountain from the west.

Sabe Mountain from the west.

The summit rock.

The summit rock.

Looking north along the Sabe Mountain summit ridge.

FST-61 leads over the summit ridge from FS-468. The trailhead is located 38.8 miles east of the western end of the road. The road is wide enough at the unsigned trailhead for one or two vehicles to park. In 2017 the trail was well maintained. Follow it up to the summit ridge and then go crosscountry to the summit. Round trip statistics are 1.2 miles with 600 feet of gain.

My GPS track. I followed the trail until right below the summit.

My GPS track. I followed the trai until right below the summit.

USGS Sabe Mountain

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Southern Clearwater Peaks

Year Climbed: 2017

Longitude: -114.93549   Latitude: 45.65739

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