South Chilly Butte by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 6,730 ft
Prominence: 300

South Chilly Butte - Steve Mandella

This peak is not in the book. Published October 2018

South Chilly Butte lies southwest of the unincorporated community of Chilly, Idaho, which is located north of Trail Creek Road and northwest of Mackay, Idaho. South Chilly’s sister butte, North Chilly Butte, lies to the northeast.

South Chilly Butte is on State of Idaho-managed public land. The parcel is fenced for grazing. The vehicle entry to the parcel is found on South Chilly Butte’s north side. This peak is probably the easiest to climb of the “butte peaks” in the Big Lost River Valley.

South Chilly Butte - Steve Mandella

South Chilly Butte from Trail Creek Road – Steve Mandella photo.


From Highway 93, turn onto Trail Creek Road and continue to 5975 West. Take 5975 West to the junction of a road that travels between the two buttes. This road is marked on some maps as Anderson Road. This public road lies between the two buttes and continues toward farms to the north. Park along or right off the road at a convenient location and begin your climb from here for the north approach.

For other approaches, continue on Anderson Road until you reach a jeep road to your left. Take that road as it wraps around the butte to the south. The road crosses the fence at a cattle guard. Once inside the fence, park along the side of the road as convenient to climb the western or southern approaches.

The road continues to the east, eventually connecting back to 5975 West. South Chilly Butte is climbable from the east, however the hike is much longer from the road and there are small cliff bands, private land, and a cemetery to avoid.

North Approach, Class 2

Climb straightforward terrain, staying west of the small rock outcrops, from Anderson Road directly to the summit area. The actual summit is obvious. There is no marker, register, or summit cairn.

This is the steepest approach on the butte, but it is short, footing and route visibility are good, and the climb is obtainable by most fitness levels.

Trip Stats: 0.6 mile roundtrip, 283 feet elevation.

South Chilly Butte from Anderson Road. Photo - Steve Mandella

The North Ridge approach, South Chilly Butte. Photo – Steve Mandella

West and South Approaches, Class 2

The GPS track below shows the mellower but longer (approximately 1 mile) west and south side climbing options.

Photo - Steve Mandella

Looking down the southwest ridge approach from the summit. Photo – Steve Mandella

Climbing Track - Steve Mandella

Climbing Track – Steve Mandella

USGS Topo: Chilly Buttes

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Boulder Mountains

Year Climbed: 2019

Longitude: -113.91069   Latitude: 44.06919

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