Standhope Peak

Elevation: 11,878 ft
Prominence: 468

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Pages 253-254. Derek Percoski recommends upgrading the Southwest Ridge Route found in the book to Class 3 noting “It’s tough trying to choose ratings for gray areas, but I would for sure call that one Class 3. Maybe I wasn’t looking side to side as much for bypasses.”  Updated September 2019

A scenically-situated Idaho peak, Standhope Peak is one of the most sought-after Pioneer Mountain summits. The summit towers over Fall Creek to the west, Surprise Valley to the north, and Broad Canyon to the east and south. USGS Standhope Peak

Standhope Peak from Pyramid Peak.

Standhope Peak as viewed from Pyramid Peak.

tandhope Peak from Bettie Lake.

Standhope Peak as viewed from Betty Lake.

Standhope Peak from Altair Peak.

Standhope Peak as viewed from Altair Peak.

The East Ridge is a classic line that leads to the summit of broken ground.

The lower east ridge rolls a bit before the steeper upper ridge.

The lower East Ridge rolls a bit before the steeper upper ridge.

East Ridge Standhope Peak.

The East Ridge of Standhope Peak.

Moving up the east ridge it steepens significantly.

As you climb up the East Ridge, it steepens significantly.

The upper east ridge.

The Upper East Ridge.

Nearing the summit.

Nearing the summit.


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Mountain Range: Pioneer Mountains

Year Climbed: 1987

Longitude: -114.024879   Latitude: 43.784645


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