Wet Peak

Elevation: 11,309 ft
Prominence: 609

Climbing and access information for this peak is found on Page 287 of the book. USGS Mackay

Wet Peak is located on the main Lost River Range crest north of Invisible Mountain. Most ascents have started in the upper Wet Creek Drainage. Most climbers include this peak in a traverse which includes Octoberfest, Hidden Peak, Wet Peak and South Wet Peak. Use the links below to read about these traverses. See also Livingston Douglas’ north ridge route description which is set out below.

There is reliable information that the highpoint is not at the benchmark. I have observed that it often happens that a summit BM is located at a good view point for the surveyors rather than the absolute high point. Thus, the true elevation of this peak is higher. Livingston Douglas made the following observation:

“I climbed Wet Peak (11,309’) [page 287 of your book] on 7/17/16 when doing a climb of Hidden Peak (p.286), Wet Peak, and South Wet Peak (11,138’). I climbed Hidden Peak first, then did a ridge traverse over Wet Peak and continued on to South Wet Peak. The true summit of Wet Peak is at the NW end of the slanted summit plateau. Wet Benchmark (BM) is NOT the high point. The true summit of Wet Peak is approximately 250’ NW of Wet BM, which is shown on the Mackay quadrangle at 11,309’. My altimeter indicated that the true summit is 10’-20’ higher than Wet BM when I climbed the peak on 7/17/16. The true summit is a gentle area of broken scree. The USGS BM is not on the true summit because the true summit has no boulders in which to secure a USGS BM. Typically, a large boulder is drilled and the BM is inserted into the drill hole and cemented into place. So the actual elevation of Wet Peak is 10’-20’ higher than the assumed 11,309’ figure. Visually, it is also obvious that the NW end of the summit plateau is the high point.“

Wet Peak from Octoberfest Peak.

Wet Peak from Octoberfest Peak.

Wet Peak from South Wet Peak. Dan Robbins Photo

Wet Peak from South Wet Peak. Dan Robbins Photo

North Ridge Route, Class 3, by Livingston Douglas 

Date of Climb (7/17/16). The North Ridge begins at the 10,820′ ridge saddle between Wet Peak and Hidden Peak, approximately 1/2 mile N of Wet Peak. Scramble up the narrow ridge crest to the gentle, broken-scree summit of Wet Peak. The high point is at the NW end of the slanted, elongated, ridge line summit area. It is NOT located at the [lower] Wet Benchmark shown on the Mackay quadrangle, which is approximately 250′ to the SE. There are 2 USGS BMs embedded in large ground boulders at the Wet Benchmark location. There was no summit cairn on either the true summit or the Wet BM, so I built a small cairn atop the true summit.

Mountain Range: Lost River Range

Longitude: -113.5378   Latitude: 43.9929

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