White Knob Mountain

Elevation: 10,835 ft
Prominence: 775

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Climbing and access information for this peak is on Page 262 of the book.

White Knob Peak is not the highest White Knob Mountain summit, but it is a popular peak because it is easy to approach and climb. This peak sits just south of the granitic White Knob Towers. Native Americans or miners probably made the first ascent of this peak. Livingston Douglas climbed the peak by traversing the ridge from Mackay Peak. He then made the first recorded descent off the peak via Cliff Creek. His descent route provides a good alternative for climbing this big White Knob peak. The route is set out below. USGS Shelly Mountain

White Knob Mountain on the left and the White Knob Towers on the right. Ray Brooks Photo

White Knob Mountain (left) and the White Knob Towers (right). Ray Brooks Photo

White Knob Mountain viewed from the east.

White Knob Mountain as viewed from the east.

Cliff Creek Route, Class 2 by Livingston Douglas 

The Descent


Use FSR-207 [(A)(3) on Page 264] to reach the FSR-207/FSR-207A junction, which is 3.8 miles from the junction of US-93 and Main Street in Mackay, Idaho. Park at a pullout on FSR-207A at a road junction that is 0.1 mile from FSR-207. The elevation here is 7,300 feet.

The Descent

I ascended White Knob Mountain via its connecting ridge with Mackay Peak. This is the second half of a loop route that returned me to my vehicle on FSR-207A near its junction with FSR-207/The “Mine Tour” Road. Due to access issues on Alder Creek Road, and if you lack a high-clearance 4WD vehicle, this is probably the easiest route from the East Side of the White Knob Mountains. I descended this route. Consequently, my narrative starts at the summit of White Knob Mountain.

From the summit of White Knob Mountain, follow the ridge northeast and climb over White Knob Benchmark/North White Knob (10,529 feet). From this point, descend the ridge NNE to a flat area at 9,940 feet at the headwaters of Cliff Creek. Leave the ridge and drop east into the Cliff Creek drainage. Follow the creek steeply downward and move to the South Side of the creek to intercept a jeep road at approximately 8,850 feet where it crosses Cliff Creek.

Follow the jeep road down Cliff Creek for about 3/4 mile. Cross to the North Side of Cliff Creek and continue to a road junction at 8,240 feet. Take the left fork onto well-maintained FSR-554. Hike along FSR-554 as it traverses around the East Side of Mackay Peak then around to the north side of Mackay Peak to reach Bullion Gulch and a road junction (7,850 feet). Here, turn right and hike down a steep ATV road that follows Bullion Gulch to the the road junction on FSR-207A where you parked your vehicle. Drive 0.1 mile northeast to a junction with FSR-207. Drive down FSR-207/Mine Tour Road back to the metropolis of Mackay.

This route entails less than 0.5 mile of bushwhacking. The ridge scrambling is easy Class 2. If you can drive your vehicle up FSR-554 all the way to the road junction on the north side of Cliff Creek (at 8,240 feet), you can shorten this hike considerably.

From an Idaho Statesman article. Date unkinwn


Mountain Range: White Knob Mountains

Year Climbed: 1989

First Ascent Information:

  • Other First Ascent: Cliff Creek (Descent Route)
  • Year: 2016
  • Season: Summer
  • Party: Livingston Douglas

Longitude: -113.73079   Latitude: 43.86669

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