Wilson Creek Access

Wilson Creek is located on the North Side of the Owyhee Mountains. The BLM maintains the Wilson Creek Road and Trail System primarily for recreational use, including both motorized and non-motorized designated trails. Also see the BLM’s Travel Management page for this area.

BLM Wilson Creek Trail System.

Wilson Creek Trail System

Wilson Creek Road

From Nampa, take ID-45 south. Just after crossing the Snake River, turn right onto ID-78 and follow it west for 3.0 miles to the [well-signed] Wilson Creek Road. Turn left onto the road. The road is paved to a large feedlot, turns to gravel and then to graded dirt as it climbs steeply to a pass at the top of the drainage in 11.0 miles. At 10.2 miles, there is a junction with a 4WD road that heads up toward both Wilson Peak and Soldier Cap. I have observed a 2WD sedan drive to the pass but I would recommend that you drive a high-clearance vehicle (preferably with 4WD) as the road can be difficult if wet and it is always bumpy after after it turns to dirt.

After crossing a pass, the road continues down into the Reynolds Creek drainage. When dry, it is passable for high-clearance vehicles. On many Spring weekends, the drainage is busy with horse trailers filling the lower trailhead parking lots and ATVers and mountain bikers parked in other spots. Wilson Bluff is the first peak accessible from the road. The hike to its summit is closed to motorized vehicles and is an exceptional walk. The next 2 peaks are Wilson Peak and Soldier Cap.

Getaway Mountain 4WD Road

This road leaves the Wilson Creek Road 8.3 miles south of ID-78. Driving this steep, rough road requires a 4WD equipped with strong tires. The road climbs nearly 2,000 feet in 3.4 miles and includes a steep drop into the upper reaches of the Salmon Creek drainage and then a steep climb out of the drainage.

Wilson Peak Road

This road leaves the Wilson Creek Road 10.2 miles from ID-78. It is a rough, ungraded road that leads to the summit of Wilson Peak in roughly 2.5 miles. It can be driven with a 4WD with good off-road tires but it makes a better trail for hikers and mountain bikers. There is a spring and trough just off the main road that is a good parking spot.

This map shows the upper section of the Wilson Creek Road (in Red), the hiking route to the top of Wilson Buff, the Getaway Mountains 4WD Road and the Wilson Peak 4WD Road.

This GPS track shows the Wilson Creek Road to the pount it reaches the Wilson Peak Road.

This GPS track shows the Wilson Creek Road to the point where it reaches the Wilson Peak Road.