Camelback Mountain

Elevation: 6,586 ft
Prominence: 606

This Pocatello area peak is not in the book.

Camelback Mountain sits due east of Pocatello, and north of Chinese Peak, in the appropriately named Pocatello Range. From Pocatello’s West Bench, the peak looks like a camel laying down, with its “head” the far-most right bump in the photo and its summit on the middle bump. The peak is located on public (BLM) land that is surrounded by private land.

Margo Mandella reports: You can see on the BLM land-use map that the public land just touches the road (Buckskin Road) at one teeny point. When I climbed the peak, I went with a friend who knew where this point is located. Also, there is no place to park…to climb this peak, you must park on Buckskin Road’s narrow shoulder. 

Camelback Mountain from Pocatello's west bench. Margo Mandella Photo

Camelback Mountain from Pocatello’s West Bench. Steve Mandella photo.

Camelback summit

The summit of Camelback Mountain as seen from the camel’s head. Margo Mandella photo.

camelback summit marker

Summit marker. Margo Mandella photo.

Once on public land, there is no trail to the summit. So choose the path of least resistance. I climbed it in February, Margo stated. Then, it was easier to stay on the ridge in the shallower snow.

We will try to get the BLM to mark an access point for this peak as it offers a great ascent opportunity in the Spring and Fall. USGS Moonlight Mountain.


Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Pocatello Range

Longitude: -112.35029   Latitude: 42.88129

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