Chicken Peak 8440 by Margo Mandella

Elevation: 8,440 ft
Prominence: 320

Big Hole Peaks. Steve Mandella Photo

This peak is not in the book. Published November 2018

Chicken Peak is located in the Big Hole Mountains, via Fleming Canyon, which is off of Highway 31 as you head toward Victor, Idaho. We climbed Chicken Peak as an overnight trip where we also climbed Peak 7987, Black Mountain, Liars Peak, Piney Peak, and Peak 8619. All these peaks are accessible off a well-traveled trail that is also popular for guided hunting and dirt bikes.

There are no water sources along or near the main trail except one small spring that was not flowing when we were there in late September. The only other possible spring in the area is off the south side of Chicken Peak’s west ridge (see ListOfJohn link for map). However, we did not hike to the spring to verify its existence.

Big Hole Peaks. Steve Mandella Photo

Big Hole Peaks, (L to R) Black Mountain, Chicken Peak, Liars Peak, Big Piney Peak. Steve Mandella Photo


To get to Chicken Peak, first get to Fleming Canyon. As you travel toward Victor, Idaho, on Highway 31, the canyon is located on the north side of the highway. Specifically, the canyon is between Stouts Mountain and the West Piney Girls Recreation Camp. The canyon turnoff is not signed and easily missed. Putting Fleming Canyon into Google Maps will get you close to the canyon’s jeep road (shown in Google [erroneously] as 270, this trail is actually 079).

Trail signage. Steve Mandella photo.

Trail signage. Steve Mandella photo.

If you have a 4WD, you can travel a good distance into the canyon, but you may need a high clearance 4WD depending on conditions/time of year. There is no formal parking anywhere. To climb Peak 7987, you will follow this jeep road until it turns into a single track trail so park wherever it is convenient. We parked near Gopher Canyon, but you can possibly get further in, near Snowslide Gulch.

Southeast Ridge Route, Class 1

From where you park, hike on Trail 079 further into Fleming Canyon until you encounter a junction with the Dry Canyon trail. Stay to the right to stay on Trail 079. As you continue upward on the trail you will encounter signage. At this point, follow signs to Black Mountain. Continue past Black Mountain until you reach a bigger junction with signs for several trails around 7800 feet.

Junction sign. Steve Mandella photo.

Junction sign. Steve Mandella photo.

From here, it is a little over 1 mile to the summit. Continue on the main trail toward Chicken Peak. Take a short spur trail from the main trail (you can see this as you are hiking) to the summit. From here enjoy good views of nearby Big Hole peaks and the Teton Mountain Range. There might even be a couple folding chairs to sit on up there.

Black Mountain and Chicken Peak. Steve Mandella photo.

Black Mountain (left) and Chicken Peak (right). Steve Mandella photo.

USGS Topo: Stouts Mountain

Climber Trip Reports

Mountain Range: Big Hole and Snake River Mountains

Longitude: -111.3694   Latitude: 43.60939

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